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AbPDBSeq provides FASTA files for antibody sequences extracted from the PDB using the list of PDB files provided by SACS.

Latest File:

File Date Link
abpdbseq_latest.faa 21.04.2017 Download

Previous Files:

File Date Link
abpdbseq_20170421.faa 21.04.2017 Download
abpdbseq_20161116.faa 16.11.2016 Download


AbPDBSeq is a FASTA file containing antibody sequences extracted from PDB files. Note that the sequence is obtained from the ATOM records not the SEQRES records so is reflective of the sequence for which structural data are present.

AbPDBSeq is built by obtaining the antibodies listed in SACS, using our idabchain to identify antibody light and heavy chains. The program looks for matches to variable domains, so things like Fc fragments present in SACS will not be included. The sequence for each antibody chain is then extracted from the coordinate data.